Anne Mamaghani

Senior Manager

"Indiana University taught me that great success is made up of the lessons from many, many failures," Anne Mamaghani, senior manager of eBay Inc., stated.

When Mamaghani graduated from IU with a double major in journalism and women's studies in 1996, the Internet was just becoming a mainstream experience. Delighted by the possibility of shaping this new domain, Mamaghani changed her career path and graduated with a Master of Science from Bentley University in Waltham, Mass.

Mamaghani's aspiration is now a reality as she leads a team of user experience researches, who conduct research studies with eBay users to improve the site's online marketing platform. Her journalistic education enables Mamaghani to effectively communicate her researchers' findings to the decision-makers of eBay who can make the positive technical changes for customers.

"While at IU I was told many times that excellent written and verbal communication skills are key for long-term professional success." Mamaghani stated. "I'm frequently reminded of this, and it is even truer than I could ever have imagined when I was still at IU."

The technical skills Mamaghani's role requires ranges from research methods, design principles, product management and web programming. Although these skills are essential, Mamaghani explained that having the ability to build relationships is crucial for moving ahead on a career path in technology.

She advises students preparing for careers in technology to work multiple internships and explore what technical field is right for them.

"There are so many aspects to working in technology that it's a good idea to discover which niche will be best for you," Mamaghani stated.

Mamaghani believes the major reason she stood out to prospective employers was because of her internships, and connections with former employers who would hire her due to her prior work for them. Similarly, eBay values college graduates who come from the company's intern program explained Mamaghani.

Although Mamaghani's senior position at eBay seems idealistic, she once was a college student studying in the Union and working on deadlines as many IU students still do today.