Techie women need role models.

It's no secret that the majority of those who work in tech are male.  The reasons for this are complex: childcare, glass ceilings, the "geeky" stereotype of technology workers, the "brogrammer" culture, unconscious bias, stereotype threat. 

But, we know that women are just as capable as men at succeeding in technology careers.  Our alumnae prove that. Young women need to be exposed to inspirational women who look like them. The more young women see other women doing great things with technology, who can show first-hand that techie careers are exciting and exuberant, then the more they will be inspired to join in. Thats where our techie alumnae come in.

How can you help our current students discover what’s it like to be a woman in technology? Allow us to feature you in a spotlight, serve as informal advisors to the student leaders of our Social Media and Web Design Special Interest Groups, network with us though our LinkedIn group, or tell us how you want to be involved.

Join our community of IU alumnae and help inspire the next generation of techie women. The transformative power of strong role models may be just what we need to change the ratio!