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Who We Are

The IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT) is the nation’s first and only large-scale interdisciplinary, university-based initiative to encourage and promote the participation, empowerment, and achievement of women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae in technology. We reach across all fields, disciplines, and careers to educate and encourage women at IU to pursue skills and careers that will create 21st-century solutions for every sector of the economy.

Who We Serve

CEWiT serves four distinct audiences, whom we call ‘Affiliates’, at Indiana University:

How We Do It

Our key pursuits are to:

  • Encourage: Provide programming that sparks interest in and engagement with technology.
  • Empower: Equip women with confidence, resources, and skills to achieve their goals.
  • Advance: Spotlight accomplishments, opportunities, and promote equity

Why We Do It

We believe:

  • Technology is a catalyst to excellence in every field.
  • Women are integral to the impact that technology has on the world.

What We Do

Some examples of programs and initiatives we provide for our affiliates include: